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OLENS - Shine Black Lenses Review

OLENS always has the best lenses. I tried on the Shine Black lenses for the first time and I am in love! They give the most natural doll looking effect and go perfect with any cutesy look. The Shine Black lenses enhanced my eyes and gave them a softer and more adorable look!

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Thank You!

Muskaanhas 57 Views 0 Reply 09/20/2023

My Favorite lenses

Hi sweeties
I hope you are all doing good
So i wanna share with you my favourite lenses
They look like my real eyes ,and you can wear them with normal makeup everyday and also with simple Halloween looks

The first one is French gold olive, sooo natural i love them
The second is symphony gray ,They look like my real eyes and that's what others thought
Third : ocean velvet green ,As you can see I wore them with Halloween look ,also they look good with smoky makeup you need to try them
The last one smoky olive, Lisa always wears Russian smoky (gray ,brown ,olive) and they are the best ,if you are a fan of lisa I recommend them to you ,so you can recreate her looks perfectly (i will do this too)

I hope you like this sweeties
My account Instagram: @hydra_ngea1

Hydrangea 73 Views 0 Reply 09/19/2023

My Favorites <3

Hi everyone~

My favorite lenses of all time are the Smoky series. My personal favorite is the Smoky Gray and I wear them to most events that I go to such as festivals. I love how they make my eyes stand out in photos. I also have Smoky Brown and Smoky Olive as well at home and I wear them for more everyday activities like errands or shopping since they look more natural.

For the future, I would love to try some blue ones! If you have any great blue lenses suggestions, please let me know!!!

sehisa 49 Views 0 Reply 09/19/2023


No worries!! We only have to talk about HOW GORGEOUS ARE THIS LENSES!!!

I wanna say these lenses are the best and beautiful I have ever try. I think these lenses matches perfectly with makeup looks and if you have light color on your eyes will look more natural.

These are the *French Shine Lavender (10p)* NewJeans Danielle's Pick :3

You can BUY IT with my 10% Off Code: itswaapo10

You can find me on all SNS as @itswaapo
Here is my links:

itswaapo 48 Views 0 Reply 09/19/2023

FAV contacts (so far)!!

I tried OLENS for the first time in Korea, and I got the Russian Velvet Brown and Russian Velvet Green!! I haven’t opened the green ones yet, but the brown is my current go to for going out with my girlfriends. They’re super comfortable and they’ve lasted me the entire 1 month. I’m wearing them in the picture!! I do want to branch out to the gray and blue shades; there are just so many to choose from I cannot. I think the Ocean Velvet Gray and Vivi Ring Gray Toric are cuteee!!

samibyun 30 Views 0 Reply 09/17/2023

Favourite O-lens Contacts!

Hi everyone!! Today i’d like to share my favourite pair and my first pair of contacts that i purchased myself from O-lens :).

These are the cherry moon gray contacts. I love them so much because it’s natural yet noticeable on my eyes at the same time! The reason i love O-lens is because all their contacts, no matter the colour are so natural on your eyes.

So, if you have dark brown asian eyes like me, i’d suggest getting a pair yourself!

laraiomar 30 Views 0 Reply 09/16/2023