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Olens French Shine Aqua (new)

If you love wearing vibrant color lens these one are for you . The Aquatic Blue color is really opaque and cover the iris really well. The hazel brown gradients helps to blend the color and give it more dimension and natural look . It is important to note that this has a diameter if 13.2mm

This is a new release from Olens .

Which French shine Lens is your favourite. Would you like to see Comparison of all 4 Olens French shine Lens ??

Farya 101 Views 0 Reply 02/15/2024

French Shine Lavender // New Jeans Danielle Pick

It’s giving kpop idol eyes with this contacts!!!???????? I really love the lavender purplish hues on the lenses that lets you feel like a anime character in a natural way and not too flashy like those brightening colors contact lenses! It’s a really good daily use for all the girlies who are looking for a quick change in their looks from their normal natural makeup look into a more eye catching kind that is not too overboard Stan this sm xx

ponychics 215 Views 2 Replies 01/30/2024