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[Russian Velvet Green] The 5 Best Olens Colored Contacts on Brown Eyes


Wearing colored contacts is one of our popular beauty routines nowadays. It is not just simple but also an effective way to change one’s image and prepare for any special occasion. However, some dark eyes are still hesitant to try colored contacts because colors do not look vivid enough on their dark eyes. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Here are the recommendations of Olens best colored contacts on brown eyes which colors can be dramatically developed even on dark eyes.



1. Colored contacts recommendation for brown eyes 


1) Blue Contacts 

- There might be differences depending on how dark the original eye color is and how opaque the lens graphic is. However blue contacts are actually one of the best colored contacts for brown eyes. They always give a chance to experience the most dramatic transformation. 
- If you wear blue contacts on dark brown or black eyes, the deep blue color will be pigmented while the blue looks much lighter on light brown eyes. 
2) Green Contacts 
- Green contacts are another best colored contacts for brown eyes. In most cases, green contacts look very natural on brown eyes. It is because the green color is caused by light brown color that already has an adequate level of melanin. 
- Also, Olens green contacts are designed with gold or beige color in the middle for a smooth gradation to the original eye color. Therefore, wearing green colored contacts on brown eyes is a great choice to create a magical and delicate mood.
3) Gray Contacts
- If you want to try wearing colored contacts not to change your eye color dramatically but just adding a little more fancy vibe to your style, gray colored contacts will be your go-to items. Gray colored contacts mostly go well with almost any type of skin undertone and hair colors. Thus, gray colored contacts are worth trying even for the colored contacts beginners. 
2. The Best Olens Colored Contacts On Brown Eyes


1) Scandi Aqua
A key stylish mood maker of Olens, Scandi Aqua is bright vivid blue contacts with subtle and high pigmented colored graphic design which adds chic and stylish mood. The blue color design is intense enough to cover the dark eye color. We recommend wearing Scandi aqua daily if you have a stylish and colorful style. Furthermore, we recommend it especially at special occasions like Halloween parties or the Summer festival season.



BTS DESTINY BLUE is a collaboration Inspired by BTS’ passion and vibrant energy. The gorgeous and soft blends of sky blue and the light green color will remind you of the colorful BTS universe. What makes it the best colored contacts on brown eyes is that the elaborated color blend gives you confidence like you were born with them.

image from “BTS(방탄소년단) DNA Official Teaser 2"


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3) BTS IDOL MYSELF Olive Green


BTS IDOL MYSELF Olive green is another green contacts collaboration inspired by the positiveness and self-love messages of the song “IDOL”. The distinct difference between the Olens “DNA” line and the “IDOL” line is a clear edge line that makes your eyes look big and clear. These green contact lenses will be sure to bring out your inner K-pop idol spirit.


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4) Russian Velvet Green